I’m Not a Criminal, Right?

I’ve pitched the idea of ODIN.Chat to anyone who will listen. I can’t express how strongly I believe applications like this are an absolute necessity in 2019. However, when I explain ODIN.Chat to non-crypto enthusiasts I’m almost always met with the same response, “hmmmmm… isn’t that for like … criminals?” As if an expressed interest in privacy is suggestive of character, or lack thereof.

Returning Data Ownership to the Individual

We’ve entered an era of free, but at what cost? If you’re anything like me, you’ve never paid for an application. Okay, I take that back. I’ve been persuaded a time or two to opt-in on a freemium model to unlock certain features. But when considering my primary app usage: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, (you getContinue reading “Returning Data Ownership to the Individual”

Open Source Technology’s Intimate Relationship With Privacy Part 2 of 2

Trust and Transparency
For a blockchain project such as ours, the most important thing is retaining the sense of trust our community has in us. This means continuing to operate in an open and transparent manner and to ‘bake’ those ideals into the very core of work, i.e. the codebase itself. If anyone can read how the system works, then they can see for themselves that we ‘walk the walk’.

Open Source Technology’s Intimate Relationship With Privacy Part 1 of 2

Introduction This article intends to give my thoughts and opinions on open source systems and how ODIN Society, the governing body of ODIN Blockchain plans to leverage the benefits of such. Definitions ODIN Society — a non-profit co-operative organization owned and operated by its members. Open Source — pertaining to or denoting a product or system whoseContinue reading “Open Source Technology’s Intimate Relationship With Privacy Part 1 of 2”

True Community Driven Governance

Let’s start with some definitions: First — Community Governance: “…community level management and decision-making that is undertaken by, with, or on behalf of a community, by a group of community stakeholders. (Totikidis, Armstrong & Francis, 2005)” Next — DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization): can be seen as the most complex form of a smart contract, where the bylaws of theContinue reading “True Community Driven Governance”