Protecting Your Privacy While Abroad

Some places are safer than others. If you’re scared of pick-pockets or can’t afford to lose costly hardware due to lost luggage or a freak accident, you might want to consider purchasing a spare phone or laptop. Thanks to the smartphone arms race, amazingly specced phones can be had for a few hundred U.S. dollars (especially if you’re willing to pick one up second hand). When it comes to a personal computer, your decision might be framed by your individual needs. If its Netflix, light browsing, and email you’re worried about, consider picking up a Chromebook.

I’m Not a Criminal, Right?

I’ve pitched the idea of ODIN.Chat to anyone who will listen. I can’t express how strongly I believe applications like this are an absolute necessity in 2019. However, when I explain ODIN.Chat to non-crypto enthusiasts I’m almost always met with the same response, “hmmmmm… isn’t that for like … criminals?” As if an expressed interest in privacy is suggestive of character, or lack thereof.